Treadmill or Trail?

After yesterday’s snow – and reading some local runner blogs about the slippery running conditions – I woke up thinking I might have to succumb to the treadmill today.  I have been injured enough the past couple of years, I didn’t want to risk a bad face-plant.

But I looked out my window and everything was snowy and sunny and sparkly and I decided I’d rather risk the trail than miss a run outside on this beautiful morning.  And I’m so glad I did.  The conditions were fine and if I had chosen the treadmill, I would’ve missed this:

Snow covered river

And this:

Beautiful Blue Sky

And this:

Ice Crater

And this:

Empty Silent Benches

And this:

Bottom Up Boats

It was slippery and the snow made it a slow-go, but the bright sun, crisp air, and beautiful scenery made it all worth while.  Think I can make it through the whole winter without a step on the treadmill?  One can hope!

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  1. Treadmill!


  2. The treadmill definitely has its purposes and advantages…. but I was very happy to be on the trail today. 🙂

  3. Beautiful 🙂

  4. That looks like THE perfect morning to be out running (as long as you take it steady)! I love days like that!

    • It was a beautiful day – I did have to take it nice and slow, but I didn’t mind because a low-key run means plenty of time to take pictures. 🙂


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