Races Past and Future

Because of injuries, I haven’t been able to run many races over the past couple of years (I can’t tell you the amount of $ I’ve spent on un-run races).  But here are my current PRs and upcoming races:

Upcoming Races

Friends of the 4th 5K:  July 4, 2012, Winthrop Maine (Annual family tradition)

Beach to Beacon 10K:  August 4, 2012 (one of my favorite races)

Current PRs:

5K:  Friends on the 4th 2008 (21:34, 6:56 pace, 2nd in Age Group, 79th overall)

5 Mile:  Jim Kane Sugarbowl 5 Miler (41:48, 8:21 pace, 4th in Age Group, 359 overall)

10K:  Beach to Beacon 2010 (50:07, 8:03 pace, 53rd in Age Group, 1,802 overall)

Half-marathon:  B.A.A. half marathon 2008 (1:41:18, 7:43 pace, 17th in Age Group, 152 overall)

Marathon:  Boston 2007 (5:21:35, 12:16 pace, 1,389 in Age Group, 19,652 overall)  (this one hurts.  I was sick as a dog, but at least I finished).

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